• Authors & Contributors

    This book is the result of passionate commitments from a lot of people. We are grateful to the following for their contributions and support to make this project possible.

    Max Haroon, Author

    Max Haroon Max Haroon, a social entrepreneur and an author is a retired IT and e-Marketing specialist, who always has been interested in holistic health and alternative medicine. He is the founder of the Society of Internet Professionals, www.sipgroup.org and the Life Transformation Institute www.Life-Transformation-Institute.org. Max has organised and hosted a vast number of educational seminars and workshops since 1997 and has authored numerous books and digital publications including many websites. Review his publications and postings at his Webfolio: http://www.maxharoon.org email: max@maxharoon.org

    Oksana M. Sawiak, Co-author

    Dr. Oksana M. Sawiak Dr. Oksana M. Sawiak DDS, MAGD, AIAOMT, Integrative Wellness Consultant. Dr. Sawiak practiced clinical family dentistry from 1966-2008 focusing on mercury-free/biological dentistry. Today she is a lecturer in holistic dentistry, non-surgical gum treatment, pain control, hypnosis, practice management, temporo-mandibular joint pain and dysfunction, and detoxification. Dr. Sawiak is the past Vice President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which is a group that promotes evidence and science-based dental procedures and materials. She has also been Chair of the Perio Committee and member of the Ontario Dental Association, and past President of the Women’s Dental Association.
    Phone: (905) 279-6619
    E-mail: drsawiakdds@hotmail.com
    Website: www.drsawiak.com

    Klaus Ferlow,Co-author

    Klaus Ferlow Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA, author, innovator, lecturer, researcher, founder, co-owner of Ferlow Botanicals, Vancouver, B.C., founded 1975,manufacturers of herbal medicinal and personal care products without harmful ingredients, distributed to professional health and wellness practitioners in traditional medicine and selected stores with holistic practitioners on staff across Canada and parts of USA since 1993. Honorary Master Herbalist Dominion Herbal College. Klaus is a Board member of the Health Action Network Society, Professional Herbal Advocate (HA) of the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of B.C., And Belongs to a number of Health Organizations.
    Phone: (604) 820-1777
    E-mail: klausferlow1@gmail.com
    Website: www.ferlowbotanicals.com

    Contributors & Collaborators

    We are grateful to the following for their contributions and support to make this project possible.
    Dr. Brian McLean, DDS for review and contributions.
    Dr. Dana Colson for review and contribution.
    Dr. E. Taebi, DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine).
    Dr. Eric Grief, MD, CCFP, Author of “Get Diagnosed Fast” for review and contributions.
    Geoff Fridd for editing the Language Usage
    Dr. Hans J Schwartz, DDS, for review.
    Dr. Iris Kivity-Chandler for review and contribution.
    Juliusz Gajus, for profile photo.
    Lesley Ann Marcovich, author “The Biography Workbook” for editing.
    Lori Nichols Davies, holistic nutritionist consultant for nutritional review.
    Dr. Michael Schecter for review and contribution.
    Olga Goubar, Social Media Coordinator, Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) for review.
    Thomas Duyck, P.Eng., review and contributions.
    Victoria DaCosta, RDH, BSDH, SHC, a Systemic Hygiene Consultant for review.

    Muhammad Mollah, Website Designer for designing the Book’s interactive website.
    Vaughn Dragland, Eclipse Technologies Inc. for Book Covers and Layout Design.