• Contents & Excerpts

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    1. My Dental Story: Why I Wrote the Book
    2. The Story of Tooth Decay & Inflammation of Gum
    3. Test Your Dental Knowledge
    4. How to Use This Book


    1. A Fresh Approach to Dental Freedom
    2. A Seven-Step Dental Care Process
    3. Tooth Care Products
    4. Common Tooth Conditions & Remedies
    5. Seven Essential Principles of Nutrition
    6. Assessing Your Oral Health & Understanding Dental Practices
    7. Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Care


    1. Last Word
    2. Re-Assess Your Dental Health Knowledge
    3. Interact with the Authors & the Readers


    1. Useful Websites
    2. Holistic Dental Organizations
    3. Dental Mercury Dangers
    4. Books About Dental Health
    5. Glossary of Terms
    6. Life Transformation Institute (LTI)
    7. Credits
    8. Book Circle of LTI
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Authors and Co-Authors
    11. Contributors
    12. Online Health Education Channels
    13. Educational Presentations
    14. Weekend Retreat of Health & Rejuvenation
    15. Publications by Max Haroon
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