• Contents of Chapters

    Chapter One: Story of Oral Infections & Body Connections
    1. A Fresh Approach to Dental Freedom
    2. What is Wrong with the Allopathic Approach
    3. Oral Health Statistics REVIEW CHAPTER 1
    Chapter Two: A Seven-Step Dental Care Process
    1. Nature has not given us the Best Teeth Design!
    2. Structure of a Tooth
    3. Dental Hygiene Tools & Techniques
    4. Seven Steps
    5. Conclusion
    Chapter Three: Tooth Care Products & Sugar
    1. Truth About Commercial Toothpastes
    2. Tooth Whiteners – Should They Be Avoided?
    3. Non-toxic Toothpastes
    4. Non-toxic Mouthwashes
    5. Sugar Replacements & Artificial Sweeteners
    Chapter Four: Common Tooth Conditions & Remedies
    1. Toothache & Tooth Decay
    2. Gingivitis
    3. Pyorrhoea
    4. Teeth grinding (Bruxism)
    5. Teething
    6. Gum Bleeding
    7. Loose Tooth
    8. Tooth Sensitivity
    9. Tooth Stain
    10. Periodontal Disease
    11. Tongue & Mouth Odour
    12. Wisdom Teeth
    13. Mercury Fillings & Its Detoxification
    Chapter Five: Seven Principles of Nourishment
    1. Mind Over Body Principle
    2. Remove and Replenish Principle
    3. Metabolism Principle
    4. Live Food Principle
    5. Glycemic Principle
    6. Macronutrients Principle
    7. Macrobiotics Principle
    Chapter Six: Assess Your Oral Health & Holistic Dental Practice
    1. Assess Your Oral Health
    • Part A: Self-Examination of Your Mouth
    • Part B: Procedures done on your teeth.
    • Part C: Symptoms of Your Mercury Fillings.
    • Part D: Your routines and habits affecting your dental health.
    • Part E: Self-Examination Procedures for Oral Cancer
    1. Understanding Holistic Dental Practice
    • Distinction From Conventional Practice
    • Patient Examination
    • Protocol for Removing Mercury Fillings
    • Metal Free Replacement Alternatives
    Chapter Seven: Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Care
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