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    First, after reading over your book, I am quite impressed in your approach. It is not only user friendly, but many of the subjects that are important have not been breeched in writing in the past. Obviously the wealth of experience that you share will help suffering humanity.

    Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, USA

    Max Haroon has taken a difficult topic like dental care and transformed it into an easy seven step process that anyone can do. He has recruited natural health experts in the field to add their vast professional expertise.

    Dr. Eric Grief, MD, CCFP, Bramalea Health Center, Ontario and Author of “Get Diagnosed Fast

    7 Steps to Dental Health by Max Haroon is an amazing and comprehensive book on the dental health. It talks about the bigger picture of how mouth and body connects. It has a lot of information about the interconnections at many different levels – nutrition to oral hygiene, dental products to wellness. I commend him on his seriousness to tell people how to look after their health starting from their teeth.

    Dr. Dana G. Colson, DDS, Author “Your Mouth: The Gateway to a Healthier You”.

    This is the first article I read that tells me why to do it, what to do and how to do it to keep my teeth healthy. It is well organized and clearly written so any one can understand it.
    No more excuses for not looking after your teeth. Congratulations!

    Thomas Duyck, P.Eng., Webmaster, Society of Internet Professionals, Toronto

    A very important book for anyone who thinks that his or her teeth are worth saving. Max Haroon has solid suggestions for changing your oral hygiene for the better and restoring health to your teeth and gums. My breath has never been so fresh!

    Natalie Galiotto, Yoga Instructor and Adult Educator, Atlanta, USA

    This is the first book I have seen which can help people maintain healthy teeth and gums the totally natural way, so they can avoid dentists whose interventions can often make matters much worse.

    Louise Mclean, homeopathic practitioner, London, UK

    Everything you wanted to know about taking care of your teeth, and then some!
    Max, your book contains unparalleled detail to holistic mouth care. A must read for everyone.

    Randi Goodman, The Canadian Networker, York Region/Toronto

    What a fantastic job done by Max Haroon in preparing this work!

    People can die of gum disease. Before processed foods there were no dentists. The work of Weston A. Price, DDS, (1870-1945) is all about how teeth reflect the health of the entire body. Even a horse buyer looks first at the teeth. www.WestonAPrice.org.

    Lori Nichols Davies, Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada

    Just a few pages into 7 Steps to Holistic Dental Health, it really grabbed me. It turned out to be a real “page-turner;” made me want to keep reading like a suspense-thriller! And why not? The level of “intrigue” and “villainy” at play is epic; and, like a prize-winning documentary, the information is presented such that the impact on the reader’s life pulls them deeper into the tragic reality of the story being told. Sure, it walks the fine line between being educational and alarmist, but ultimately, that interpretation comes down to the state of consciousness of the reader. For instance, I’m not sure if some of the illustrations in the section on mercury fillings were necessary or helpful…or just gloomy. Read more …

    Attila Lendvai, MBA, author “Attlas Project”

    I have been told many times to “tell it like a story” when describing a product. Well actually it is not hard to do with this new book 7 Steps to Dental Health, because, I have been a practicing Dental Hygienist for about 22 years. My excitement for this book cannot be contained. The way that Max Haroon has taken the time to network facts, ask for knowledge and keep on asking is without doubt scientific and trusted reading material. My goal is to help spread the good news that there is now a holistic dental bible guideline. Read more …

    Victoria DaCosta, RDH, BSDH, SHC; Systemic Hygiene Consultant, USA

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