• Victoria DaCosta

    In Praise of Book “7 Steps to Dental Health”

    Victoria DaCostaI have been told many times to “tell it like a story” when describing a product. Well actually, it is not hard to do with this new book 7 Steps to Dental Health. Why is this not hard for me to “tell it like a story”? I have been a practicing Dental Hygienist for about 22 years. I have experience inside dental offices for a total of 30 years having been a dental assistant prior to becoming a Dental Hygienist. My excitement for 7 Steps to Dental Health cannot be contained. The way that Max Haroon has taken the time to network facts, true dental professionals tell it like it is, ask for knowledge and keep on asking is without doubt scientific and trusted reading material.
    Max Haroon has handpicked his contributors for his book. He has his own dental story to tell as many others will relate with him. I have witnessed his story happening with patients of my own. I have witnessed firsthand what Dr. Oksana Sawiak’s remarks are as truth. The chapter outline is easy to follow. Inflammation is the main factor when discussing dental issues stemming from inside the body as outlined in “The Story of Tooth Decay & Inflammation of Gum”. My goal is to help spread the good news that there is now a holistic dental bible guideline. It is concrete in giving peaceful direction for a healthier and now, much safer lifestyle!
    Victoria DaCosta, RDH, BSDH, SHC; Systemic Hygiene Consultant
    Systemic Hygiene Consultant
    Victoria graduated from Idaho State University BS Dental Hygiene. After 12 years working in 600 clinical practices, she realized the need for oral systemic health software and created “StrawBerry?”. It is the first ever medical screening software utilized in dental offices. She also developed the first “organic prophy pasteâ„¢” for dental hygiene cleanings. She is no doubt a pioneer leader for her dental hygiene profession. Integrative health being her passion implements a new SafeKissâ„¢ inflammation screening program inside dental offices.