• Why I Wrote the Book

    My personal dental health story began about 50 years ago in England. When I heard from my dentist, it was his usual: “You have an excellent set of teeth, there are no fillings, and there are no cavities”. I was so happy! These comments allowed me to continue to eat my new-found Cadbury’s chocolate bars and sugar-laden baked goods. As per my dentist’s instructions, I continued brushing the way I knew (not necessary the way it should be). I also continued to visit my dentist regularly: More dental work ensued but unfortunately, no preventive education or preventive procedures were offered back then.

    When I left England twenty years later, about a quarter of my teeth had mercury fillings.

    How had this transformation occurred? My original pristine mouth of teeth had changed to a mouth with multiple mercury amalgams. I felt disheartened and resolved to discover the root cause of this change. Was there a better way to coax my gums and teeth back to their former glory? What was the connection between my diet, stress coping techniques and sleep patterns and my oral health?

    Being trained as a Systems Analyst, I enjoyed the analysis side of problems and therefore set out to analyze my diet. I soon realized that the food I was eating was highly processed; it contained lots of refined white sugar, and I had an addiction to Cadburys and sodas. In light of these new revelations, simple brushing & flossing of my teeth did not seem to fulfill my dental care adequately.

    Therefore, I changed my diet. Fortunately, I felt much better and had better oral health. Nevertheless, I was not altogether satisfied with my health or myself. I started searching for more missing pieces. I started studying stress, relaxation, and further studied the effects of food on overall health. I further appreciated the connection between physical exercise and oral health.

    After having revitalized my lifestyle and oral health, I now acknowledge that:

    My personal dental health requires more than just brushing and flossing. The health of my teeth is affected by the health of other parts of my body; all of which are influenced not only by my choice of foods and avoidance of toxins, but also by my lifestyle and attitude in life. In this book, I venture into these interrelationships. I hope that you too can learn to see dental health as an integral part of your overall health.

    I started experimenting with different brushes, rubber tips, mouthwashes and through my discovery and heuristic process; I developed this seven-step system for dental care. I am happy to say that it has been a while since I sat on a chair fitted with a dental drill.

    Others can learn from my story.

    Consequently, I established the Life Transformation Institute, so I can help others on their personal journey and share my wisdom and knowledge with them. This Institute educates and share knowledge by:

    • Providing Resources
    • Publishing Books
    • Hosting Panel Discussions and Presentations