• About the Book

    This book is more than a dental health guide. It is a prevention program for your TOTAL HEALTH, so that you can save on expensive medical costs and live a healthy life.
    Ask yourself, “Why have you had some tooth and gum issues requiring treatment,
    in spite of the fact that you brush and floss your teeth regularly, and visit the dentist/hygienist regularly”?
    This book will provide you with some answers and various pragmatic guidelines.
    7 Steps to Dental Health is a result of three years of research and collaboration among many professionals in medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene, nutrition and others.
    In this book, you will find:
    • How to assess your oral health and conduct self-examination of your mouth using 100+ point plan
    • An insightful discussion about dental infections and their connection to the body
    • A seven-step process to clean your teeth and mouth to achieve optimal oral health
    • Extensive information about harmful chemicals commonly used in toothpastes and mouthwashes
    • The truth about mercury amalgam fillings, protocols to remove these fillings and metal-free replacement alternatives
    • Various tooth conditions and their treatments
    • Understanding the practices of holistic hygienists & dentists
    • Seven Essential Principles of nutrition for your body and teeth
    • Nutritional supplements for your oral health
    • Forty frequently asked questions about dental care
    • A dozen appendices of useful information and resources
    In conjunction with its website, this book is a multimedia resource providing extensive links and videos for further research. Additional materials are available exclusively for readers on the book’s website at http://7stepsdentalhealth.com.
    You will also find Insightful Videos on our Book’s YouTube Channel.
    “All of the contributors of this book have invested their heart, souls, and minds into this literary contribution so that you can more readily understand your oral health and the deep connections that this has to the fostering of better overall health”.
    – From the Foreword by Dr. Brain Clement, Hippocrates Institute
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    This project was initiated by the Life Transformation Institute, a not-for-profit educational organization, to share the knowledge and wisdom of many health practitioners.
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